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SoundRipple, means the waves and ripples of sound, is a brand that pursues perfect acoustics and provides high-quality artistic audio furniture. Combining stylish and modern furniture design with high-quality audio and acoustic technology, coupled with uncompromising production technology and materials, soundRIPPLE provides innovative acoustic art furniture; like ripples, it spreads charming design and extraordinary music experience to every corner of life. Integrated with 2.1 stereo and bluetooth, users can easily synchronise their electronic devices to it. Its distinctive acoustic horn design harness the ripple effect for sound enhancement.

Wireless speaker had a huge growth due to its rich support of smart phones and music services. Meanwhile. traditional speaker is still a first of mind for audiophile who is willing to explore a comprehensive setup. In the market, there is still a room for simple solution for music enjoyment as a music lover is not necessary a tech or equipment lovers. All they want is enjoying music but no studying gadget. SoundRipple merges sound into furniture that home decor needs. Together with patent spatial sound tech, they create a unique atmosphere with aesthetic design and immersive audio.

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